Kingsport Boasts an Incredible Music Scene

Everybody knows how much I love music. It’s kind of always been my thing, even back when I was a kid. While a lot of people may have a preference for one kind over another, like R&B, hip hop, rock, or country, I don’t discriminate because I can get into all of it.

Living in Kingsport gives me the opportunity to enjoy all types of incredible live music. Of course, everybody knows about the amazing Fun Fest concerts we have every July, but there’s more – so much more. Being able to catch some great shows pretty much any weekend of the year is just one of the many advantages of being a Kingsporter.

Recently the Appalachian Cultural Music Association Museum moved to Downtown Kingsport and I, and a lot of my friends, couldn’t have been more jazzed about it. The museum, which is really cool, is dedicated to the history of music that originated in Northeast Tennessee and other areas in the region and evolved into today’s country and bluegrass sounds.

There’s live music at the ACMA Museum, which features The Pickin’ Porch every Thursday night, as well as monthly performances at The Renaissance Arts Center. I love being able to hang out there and listen to some really talented musicians doing their thing. Makes me wish I had paid a little more attention when my parents tried to get me interested in the guitar when I was a kid… but hey, I’m still young, I can still learn!

While The Pickin’ Porch is the latest addition to the music scene in Kingsport, it’s far from the only place you can find see live entertainment. You’ll find some great music, mostly on the weekends, at Sleepy Owl Brewery, Model City Tap House, and Rush Street Grill. Oh, and if you’re into karaoke (and who isn’t?), you really need to check it out at Macados, where I may or may not have shown off my spectacular vocals a few times.

We’ve also got our Twilight Alive Downtown Concert Series, which my friends and I, not to mention King, who loves music, never miss. Starting May 25 and going through Aug. 17 there are free concerts downtown on Broad Street on Friday nights.

We do music up right in Kingsport – just another reason I love doing life here!

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