The State Theatre Company: Bringing Shakespeare to Kingsport

This November, be sure not to miss the State Theatre’s production of Romeo & Juliet!

You may have heard of Shakespeare, but you’ve never heard of Shakespeare done quite like this. Experience Romeo & Juliet set in Appalachia in 1905 as the State Theatre Company takes a local spin on the timeless classic story of forbidden love and feuding families.

This production of Romeo & Juliet is just one of the avenues the State Theatre Company has employed in order to raise funds to restore the State Theatre and provide a haven for artists in the area. Previously, the State Theatre Company has put on events like the Busker Festival downtown, as well as other artistic events showcasing artists from all over the area in Downtown Kingsport.

“We noticed that a lot of young people like ourselves were having to leave the area to go and do what they wanted with the [performing arts]…”Ashley May King, Marketing Director

Zachary Starnes, the Executive Director of the project, was living in Nashville when he heard that the State Theatre had been purchased and they were looking for interested parties to restore it to its former glory. He roped in a few of his close friends and the project was born. Their hope is to have the State Theatre restored to its former glory and to be used as a performing arts center for concerts, bands, choirs, community events, and local artists that don’t currently have an avenue to perform in the area. It is their hope that the State Theatre provides a place for artists to showcase as well as keep Kingsport residents in the area instead of looking elsewhere for entertainment on the weekends which would have significant financial impact on the area.

The State Theatre recently hosted a ‘Write Thru the Night’ event where entrants had 24 hours to concept, write, rehearse, and perform a play at The Sleepy Owl Brewery. The event was well-received, and with the crowd enthusiasm, The State Theatre project knew that they were on the right track. Overall, the State Theatre Company hopes to not only provide the community something it sorely needs, but to also change the conversation about what theatre is and to make theatre accessible as an experience to those who have not been fans in the past. Similar events are slated to take place in Spring 2017 so keep up to date by following their Facebook page or checking in on their website for ways to show your support!

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Get your tickets to Romeo & Juliet below. Want a twist? Try out Saturday night's ShakesBeer event that marries libations with the classic.

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The State Theatre Company Presents…Romeo & Juliet

The State Theatre Company is proud to present their first production, the iconic Romeo & Juliet. This Appalachian adaptation centers around two feuding families at the turn of the 20th century and their star-cross’d children whose love and tragic fate send ripples through their small town. Come and see Shakespeare’s classic re-told in this rustic love story set in the very mountains we inhabit complete with live music and beer catering. The performance will take place in the Allandale Pavilion.

November 4th at 7pm
November 5th at 7pm
November 5th at 10pm (ShakesBEER special event)

All tickets are general admission. House opens 30 minutes prior to show.

The November 5th 10pm production will be a special late night showing where both the audience and cast are encouraged to drink along as we stumble through the classic. Guaranteed to bring levity to the tragedy – this special event will be one night only so be sure to attend this hilarious take on the classic show.

“We want to serve the community by providing a place for artists to express themselves and provide advancement in a creative environment. That’s what we wanted when we grew up here, and that’s what we want to give back”Cameron Hite, Executive Artistic Director

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